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File requirements


We are using Microsoft Windows PC environment, we do not use Apple Macintosh hard- and software.


Suitable programmes for designs are:

Adobe Illustrator CS4 for earlier version (ai)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 or earlier version (tiff, eps)

Preferred printfile is composite-pdf, which is made out of Postscrip printfile, where fonts are made curves and pictures are integrated.

To avoid possible mistakes, we recommend to send upfront e-mail with the samplefile (jpg).


Different printers have different resolutions. Ultra wide XXL format printers do not need to print more resolution than up to 100 dpi. XL format printers should have the resolution 150-300 dpi. Small printers resolution for photo quality should be around 600 - 1000 dpi.

The file sent should be in the final measures or proportionally diminished. In case you have reduced the file size, do not forget to upgrade the resolution accordingly.

For example: 1:1 is saved with the resolution 60dpi, then 1:10 the saved resolution should be 600dpi.

Color management

Metroprint prints in CMYK colors. This is mainly because lots of Pantone Solid Coated colors are not printable in 4 color mode. To achieve as close CMYK color match with PMS colors, we recommend to send us the PMS code with e-mail upfront. For photo quality, the file can be done in RGB colorroom, preferebly with Adobe RGB (1998).

Where the file should be be sent?

*If you have contact person and e-mail address , then you can use file transfer program WeTransfer (1 file up to 2 GB) or similar program.

*Or you can upload printfiles directly to our FTP server. You can use program Filezilla for that.

FTP server aadress is:

Usermane:   metro
Password:    print

Please upload the files to the server and send information with file name to your contact person.


  • Please do not use in the file name letters with spots or dots
  • Please do not use bleed
  • Please do not use MS Office software to make you print file. We do not accept such files.
  • Do not use "Overprint"
  • All fonts must be curved

If those requirements are not fulfilled, Metroprint cannot take responsibility for the print outcome.

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